Beyonce & Jay-Z are Going on Tour Again and We Can’t Handle It

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It’s happening, the Queen and King of All Media (a.k.a. Beyoncé and Jay-Z) are hitting the road on yet ANOTHER joint tour! Honestly, getting news like this makes it feel like everything is going right in the world, ya know?

We all know that Yonce is in the midst of prepping to make her big return to the stage at Coachella next month — you know, where she’s headlining –but word on the street is that she’s prepping for more than just a headlining performance at ‘chella; she’s reportedly getting ready to go back on tour with her megastar hubby by her side.

Fans got a first glimpse at what has been dubbed the On the Run 2 Tour when the first date was listed on both Ticketmaster and Beyonce’s Facebook. Although both were quickly deleted practically the moment they hit the interwebs, a few quick fans were able to capture the evidence and shared the glorious moment to the world. From what we all gathered, it looks like the first date of what will be an event of epic proportions will be on July 30th at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.

The tour would be a follow up to the couple’s wildly successful On the Run Tour back in 2014. But the question is: Is it really actually happening? According to E! News, the two are “scheduled to go on tour together. This should happen before the end of the year if everything goes as planned. This is something they are really looking forward to.”

The same insider added that the couple’s relationship “is the strongest they ever been and they feel it will be an epic experience.” SIDE NOTE: Not too surprisingly, this will most likely be a family affair with all three kids hopping on tour with mom and dad. The tour isn’t the only rumor on the block!

It is also being said that the musical couple has also been working on new music together that will be included in the On the Run 2 Tour set list. We know it’s only Tuesday, but it honestly feels like Friday with all this incredible news.