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Beyoncé Tumbles on Stage with Solange in Her Arms at Coachella, Weekend 2

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In a wild turn of events, the queen of perfection uncharacteristically fell on stage during her performance at Coachella Weekend 2. But don’t worry, Beyoncé and her baby sis Solange are totally fine and while falls and accidents aren’t things to be taken lightly, their sibling tumble is literally one of the most adorable things you’ll see all day.

Beyoncé returned to Coachella for weekend 2 to recreate her history-making headlining performance. After speculation that the show would be completely different, Bey pulled one on us and performed mostly the same songs with mostly the same special guests. Mrs. Carter performed alongside her husband Jay Z, Destiny’s Child, Solange, and added J Balvin into the mix. What WAS different, were her fits. We expect nothing less than Bey coming out with a new set of custom designs.

Another thing that was noticeably different from her show was the adorable “Get Me Bodied” dance-off Yonce had with her little sister. Things went as planned during their number until it came time for Queen B to pick up the 31-year-old for a cute shimmy moment. Maybe the two were able to pull off the move during rehearsals but on stage AT the show was a whole different story. As the 36-year-old went to pick up her baby sis, gravity set in and they both fell down on stage.

You would THINK that they’d be embarrassed by this, but NOPE. Just like the pro performers they are, the two barely acknowledged the plot twist and instead had a little giggle, kicked their legs, and continued on with the show. If there were any injuries, they definitely did NOT show it. So does this even count as a fall? We prefer to call it a flutter, a playful moment, a hug, and inside joke, or even a choreographed tumble. ‘Cause tbh, this adorable moment was anything but a fall.