Vote! Who Did “Survivor” Better, Beyonce or Mercedes and the Troubletones?!

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Glee Sectionals, Survivor by Destiny's Child Ok, so they’ve already covered a couple of Beyonce songs on Glee, like that time that Charice sung “Listen” from Dreamgirls or when Brittany killed it with “Run the World (Girls)”. But Mercedes and the Troubletones are doing a Destiny’s Child classic — “Survivor”! — at sectionals. We’ll repeat. Destiny’s Child! At Sectionals! Mercedes and Santana! And since it’s no coincidence that the gleeks are rockin’ very sparkly silver dresses like the one B wore to her Roseland Ballroom concerts in NYC this summer, it’s basically just begging for a comparison.

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So, who did “Survivor” better? Obvs we’ve got both vids for you below:

The new ep of Glee, “Hold onto Sixteen,” airs Tuesday at 8pm and PS, Sam Evans will be back! Are you pumped? Think this is a good song choice for sectionals? Who did the song better, Mercedes or Beyonce? Comment below and make sure you vote, too!