10 Celebrities Who Have Been Dissed in the Past by Queen B Herself

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Let’s get one thing straight. Beyonce is a queen, which is why we have so much trouble wrapping our minds around the fact that multiple female musicians have dared to diss her in the past. How anyone could throw shade at the “Formation” singer at all — let alone in public — is beyond us, but you know what’s even harder to believe? That Bey does the same thing to other A-listers!

But it’s true! Instead of sitting back and taking the jabs thrown her way, she’s been known to step up with a clever dig of her own. And sometimes, she even starts the Hollywood feuds herself. It seems like she wouldn’t have enough time left in the day between releasing hit singles and caring for her three kids to worry about what anyone has to say about her, but she does fight back when she has to. (Have you listened to Lemonade?)