15 Reasons Why We Wish We Were at Beyonce’s Album Release Party

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One week ago today, Beyonce STUNNED the music world by dropping a secret album, and she's finally taken the time to celebrate its record-breaking release. (Oh, you haven't heard? It sold 1 MILLION digital copies in just six days. No big deal.)

On Thursday night, Queen B took with some friends to a NYC Dave & Busters for some fun and games — literally. They played Skee-Ball, ate cupcakes, and much more. Just another reason to love Beyonce — she could have had this party anywhere but does it somewhere as low-key as Dave & Busters!

Beyonce documented the entire thing on her Instagram (naturally), so we put together all the photos for your viewing pleasure, and basically give you 15 reasons why we wish we would have been invited. Click through the gallery below for more!