Beyonce Takes a Cue From Ke$ha in Her Glitter-Filled (and Very Sexy) Vid For “1+1”, But Is Her Version Boring?

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Remember when Beyonce decided to release her single “1+1“, then changed her mind and made this song her new single instead? Well, it looks like B is giving “1+1” another shot cause she just debuted a vid for this slow jam. And with all the glitter she’s rockin’ on her bod, we’re thinking she’s got a serious case of Ke$ha fever. Oh, and we’re like a thousand percent sure she made this vid with hubby Jay-Z in mind.

Watch Beyonce’ new “1+1” video now and then tell us — who does glitter better, Ke$ha or Beyonce?

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What do you think about B’s new video? Think it’s maybe too sexy? Or do you totally love it and think it’s definitely approps for the song? Tell us in the comments!