Another British Beauty Guru Just Came Out as Bisexual in Emotional YouTube Vid

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A little over two weeks ago, British beauty guru Gabriella Lindley came out as bisexual. Flash forward to today and another UK-based vlogger has opened up about her sexuality on her YouTube channel despite feeling “pretty awkward and kind of uncomfortable.”

“As you can see by the title, I’m gay… well, I’m bi,” she said. “I am bi. I am bisexual. I like men and women and that is a very scary thing to say.”

The 16-year-old then revealed that she only ever told her mom about her sexual orientation, but wouldn’t be surprised if her subscribers had an inkling that she also liked women because she makes “a lot of joking comments” about being attracted to female celebrities. But even though she’s kept this secret for years, she’s known her true identiy since she was a very young girl.

“I’ve always known that I’ve fancied women. I thought Mary Poppins was attractive in the way that I guess straight women find men attractive or straight men find women attractive. You kind of know; I feel like most people do, anyway. I definitely did.”

In fact, Bethany only ever had crushed on girls “up until the age of about 14,” and initially thought she was lesbian.

“I’ve always been so scared to talk about this. I don’t know why, but I have. I was just scared I would be bullied and just treated different; I still am scared that I’m going to be treated differently, and that’s why making this video is scaring the s*it out of me.”

Despite being very uncomfortable, the brunette beauty decided to post the vid so that she can better help her viewers accept and love themselves.

“I feel like I have a duty because I’ve had so many messages of young girls and boys saying like, ‘Beth, I think I’m gay and I don’t know what to do about it and I’m too scared to tell people,’ and I can’t give advice on that when I’m too scared to tell people as well.”

We are SO proud of Bethany for finally getting comfortable enough to share her story and help hundreds in the process.


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