7 of Your Favorite YA Kissing Scenes That Were Awkward AF to Film

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There’s nothing quite like watching our favorite YA couples share the perfect kiss on screen. Our breaths stop, our hearts melt and for a moment it feels magical. But if only we knew just how awkward those kissing scenes were to film, they probably wouldn’t be half as swoon-worthy.

Believe it or not, every passionate kiss is usually choreographed to a T and at least a dozen people are watching. So while it might look like the actors were having the best time ever, chances are, they were actually freaking out on the inside and super eager to just get it over with. Jamie Blackley from If I Stay even admitted to Seventeen, “It’s awkward kissing in front of people, no matter how long you’ve known them.” Check out all these actors who pretty much felt the same way while they did their YA kissing scenes: