17 of the Best Young Adult Books That Were Released in 2017

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As much as we absolutely LOVE everything related to fall — who doesn’t like decorating the entire house with as many pumpkins as possible — there is one thing that we seriously miss about summer: reading.

During the warm-weather months, we were free to read (and re-read) all of our favorite YA books and discover new bad-ass authors who are giving a voice to those who are underrepresented. There is nothing we love more than laying outside in the sun and reading for hours with no thoughts of homework, tests, etc., at the back of our minds. The school year just takes up SO much energy, ya know?

Now that fall has officially kicked into gear, our schedules are so busy that we honestly forget what it’s like to read for fun. There’s always work to be done, practice to go to and games to attend, and when we do have a little bit of free time, we usually use it to take a well-deserved nap. The only books that are checked out from the library now are for class, and that’s just sad.

Reading is so important and is a great way to escape into a new world and expand imagination, but it’s way too easy to go months without cracking open a new book. This year alone there have been so many incredible releases that focus on super important topics like race inequality, friendship, family and being true to who you are.

We know how easy it can be to let the year get away from you, especially when holiday season comes around and everything seems to happen twice as fast, so we rounded up 17 of the best young adult books that came out in 2017 alone. Yes, reading 17 paperbacks can be daunting, but maybe by the time we create a list of the best books of 2018, you’ll have read everything below!