11 TV Rain Kisses Ranked From YASSS to Yuck

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TV couples are the best couples. Okay, so they’re comprised of fictional characters, but that doesn’t mean when your faves find love that you don’t jump up and down out of excitement for them. Living vicariously through a television romance is completely acceptable. (Like you don’t secretly wish you were Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries and Damon Salvatore was your hot BF. You know you do!)

Even though there are some scandalous TV series relationships, including television characters who kissed her BFF’s boyfriend (and maybe more), on some shows true love still wins. In honor of TV love and spectacular kiss moments, we’ve rounded up the best and worst — and by worst, we mean just not as awesome — rain kisses of all time on TV:

1. Elena & Damon — After a lot of ups and downs within their relationship, Elena and Damon promised to be together forever on The Vampire Diaries and it was *glorious*. The fact that the promise and kiss happened in the rain made it even more magical and gave us all the feels.

2. Ezra & Aria — Before Ezra and Aria were a couple out in the open, they were sneaking around, which lead to this epic kiss on Season 2 of Pretty Little Liars. Aria waited all night in the rain for Ezra to meet her, but she didn’t know if he would. When he finally showed up, the sparks flew and the kiss was perfect. P.S. Ezra stopped his car in the middle of the road for this kiss. *swoon*

ABC Family

ABC Family

3. Seth & Summer — Just when you thought the cutest couple on The O.C. wouldn’t get any more amazing, the pair kissed in the rain. Instead of your typical romantic rain smooch, Summer and Seth recreated the Spider-Man kiss and it was EPIC. The best part was that Seth slipped from the roof, while dressed as Spider-Man and Summer came to his aid by doing her best Kirsten Dunst impersonation.

4. Nathan & Haley — On One Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley made the cutest couple of all time, hands down. In addition to being perfectly matched and making each other better, their whole relationship was one rainy kiss after another. From their first kiss to their honeymoon night, drizzle smooches were their thing. #Naley4E

The CW

The CW

5. Kira & ScottTeen Wolf is full of hot couples that make out, like, all the time. One of the best pairs is Scott and Kira, who have kissed in the rain more than once. The best rain moment between these two was when Kira was stuck in a car in the rain heading back from New York when she heard Scott’s motorcycle (because she has great listening skills, duh). She jumped out of the car and ran to Scott who embraced her and then they hooked up like no one was watching. Even though people definitely were because what else could they possibly do in that kind of traffic?

6. Ross & Rachel — This is the kiss that started it all. After years (and two seasons) of Ross being obsessed with Rachel on Friends and Rach finally figuring out she loved him too, they kissed and it was magical. This iconic kiss still gives us goosebumps because it is so freaking romantic. Well, besides the gutter water falling behind him; that was unnecessarily ick.

7. Stiles & Malia — Even if you want to see Stiles with Lydia, you can’t deny how sexy Stiles and Malia’s rain kiss was on Season 5 of Teen Wolf. Flannel, rain and danger, obviously make for an amazing makeout sesh. Plus, Stiles is just so dreamy, so…

8. Julie & Matt — The most normal relationship and, therefore, the one we were all rooting for on Friday Night Lights was definitely Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen. After winning a big game as quarterback, Julie showed her true feelings for Matt by tackling him to the group and kissing him in front of the whole team, including her dad, who was the coach. Trust us, it’s a must-see.

9. Lucas & Brooke — Man, Lucas and Brooke’s romance was SO flawed on One Tree Hill. Yes, they were adorable together, but they had their fair share of problems. Luckily, chemistry wasn’t one of them. When Lucas listed off everything he loved about Brooke while standing in the rain, it was completely heartwarming. They earn points for the big romantic gesture, but their romance’s outcome takes ’em down a few notches. Ugh, Brucas.

10. Emily & DanielRevenge was so freaking complicated. Emily and Daniel’s relationship on the series was a total sham, which is why this smooch isn’t higher on the list. It was SO sweet and touching at the time, which we loved. A proposal in the rain followed by a passionate kiss — what’s not to love? Sadly, Emily was always using Daniel, so the kiss is tainted.

11. Robin & Ted — Throughout How I Met Your Mother, Ted was always doing something super over the top when it came to romantic gestures. After doing a dance on the roof to make it rain and make sure Robin’s date with Sandy Rivers was canceled, Ted stood outside of Robin’s place soaking wet and begged her to come down. As she ran to the door to go outside, her hair wet from sticking her head out the window, Ted met her at the door and they finally kissed. Romantic, yes, but Ted is a little too cheesy for our liking.

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