The 12 Most Ridiculous Songs About Butts

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As the New York Times and Vogue have so aptly pointed out, big butts are back… except, umm, can someone please explain to me where they ever went? Because I don’t remember them ever being “out.”

In all seriousness though, butts do seem to be enjoying a moment. Between Jen Selter’s “fame” (someone please explain why she is famous to me again?), Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj‘s controversial Anaconda album cover, and Jennifer Lopez‘s recent “Booty” video, people can’t stop talking about #datass. I mean, I’m not complaining — butts are awesome!

So let’s enjoy this butt moment in pop culture with some truly amazing booty songs. And by truly amazing, I really mean mostly ridiculous songs about butts that will make you giggle, but you can’t help singing along to them because they’re so catchy. Most of them are also accompanied by some crazy music videos as well. So shake your booty, big or small, to the 12 most ridiculous, best songs about butts:

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