Lash Out! The 10 Best (And Weirdest?) Trends in Eyelashes

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They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Hmmm, so I guess that makes the eyelashes really pretty curtains?!? For years, plump lips were all the rage in Hollywood and the eyes had taken a back seat, but no more! These days lashes are getting their day in the sun (mostly because not even giant sunglasses can hide some of these beauties). And it was even just announced that Katy Perry is coming out with her own false lashes line in February. Clearly big lashes are becoming a thing!

The trend in lashes might’ve started with some sexy celebs, but regular girls (like us!) are taking it to the next level. If looks could kill, what do you think these eyes are saying?

Jennifer Lopez gets glam with a set of mink lashes. No lashes from a box for this girl from the block.
Jennifer Lopez Eyelashes

Kids grow up so fast these days, don’t they? And nothing says young adult more than big lashes on this week’s future porn star cutie from Toddlers and Tiaras.
Little Girls Eyelashes

Guys, I’ve found the perfect way to recycle some X-mas tinsel! It’ll help extend the holiday spirit a little bit longer.
Eyelashes Tinsel

Kim Kardashian‘s lashes have become so famous, next season they’re getting their own reality show on E!
Kim Kardashian Eye Lashes

These lashes look so familiar. I think I saw them in a movie once… on a MUPPET!
Gold Feather Eyelashes

Lady Gaga (circa 2009) is the only person that could make these lashes look like a simple accessory. This is prob what she wears for a quiet night at home watching PLL reruns. Amirite?
Lady Gaga Eyelashes

Every girl loves jewelry, but eye jewelry might be a little outside the box. Next time try a nice bracelet, maybe a blinged-out ring…
Eyelashes Eye Jewelry

Rihanna warmed up her ice queen makeup with these very HOT lashes at last year’s Grammy’s.
Eyelashes Rihanna

If Katniss Everdeen wore fake lashes, this is what they’d look like. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence could wear these to the Hunger Games premiere?
Big Eyelashes Beauty Trends

Sunflowers are totally my favorite flower, but I prefer them in a vase, on my desk, and not on my face. But maybe that’s just me.

Sunflower Eyelashes

What do you think of these eyelashes trends? Which one would you try? Make to sure to tell me here.

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