The Top 10 Most Memorable Celeb National Anthem Performances (Vids)

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Just as we suspected, Demi Lovato killed it at Game 5 of the World Series with her sweet vocals during the national anthem. We got a little nervous for her during those really high notes, but she completely held her own. (Her younger self would’ve been proud.) And while we continue to praise her for her killer pipes, we thought it’d be fun to round up the best & worst of “The Star-Spangled Banner” performances. By celebs, of course. So watch Demi’s unbelievable vid right below, and then some of the more memorable — and slightly less memorable — national anthem moments of all time.

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1. Beyonce‘s performance at Super Bowl 2004 was absolute perfection. ‘Nuff said.

2. We dared you not to cry during Charice‘s rendition at the 9/11 10th Anniversary Tribute Game. Did you make it all the way through?

3. The cast of Glee all just stood on the field performed at World Series 2009. But it was Amber Riley‘s incredible singing skills that stole the spotlight.

4. So Taylor Swift‘s not the best singer. We’ve always known that. But at World Series 2008, her innocent version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was totally heartfelt.

5. Sorry, but what other 14 year-old boy can belt it out like Greyson Chance?


1. We’re still shaking our heads over Christina Aguilera‘s Super Bowl 2011 fail.

2. We love how Jesse McCartney played it off as if nothing happened. But the NASCAR attendees still noticed that he skipped a couple lyrics…Woops!

3. We’re still literally LOL-ing at R. Kelly’s crunked up rendition of the song. Seriously, “clap your hands, y’all?” Ha!

4. Unlike JMac, Keri Hilson didn’t try to play off her mistake at a Lakers game. Instead, she goes back to try and fix it. Which wasn’t such a great idea anyway…

5. Okay, Kat DeLuna. We know you can actually sing. But the extra minute of pure vocal runs was unnecessary. No wonder she gets booed at the end!

Which performance did you like the most? The least? Have you seen an even worse rendition? We wanna know!