18 Times the Internet Actually Made Having Acne Seem Funny

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I hate — like, absolutely despise — the word “skin.’ I don’t know why, but, to me, it is one of those words that, much like “moist” and/or “panties,” is disgusting and vile and should be banned from the English language as a whole, especially if it is plural. Like, “skins?” GAG ME. I am very passionate about this! Now, I don’t know what word I would choose to use in place of “skin,” so it will probably remain in my vocabulary, but I’m pretty sure that I hate the word because the state of my own… skin has basically been pretty terrible ever since I turned 13. (Also, acne never goes away, by the way. Clear skin in adulthood is a myth!)

Given these qualifications, I’m pretty sure that I’m able to say that there is nothing worse, objectively speaking, than having bad skin. It’s bad for your self-esteem, makes you feel like you’d die without having a steady supply of foundations and concealers at hand (even though you’re pretty sure they’re actually making your skin worse) and basically just shoots every ounce of confidence you might have right in the foot. But you know what’s not so bad? Everything that the Internet has to say about acne and bad skin — ’cause, like, a bunch of people have the same problems as you. Check out the funniest things the Internet has to say about acne:

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