The Top 10 TV High Schools You Wish You Could’ve Attended

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Tumblr (carrienavella)

Tumblr (carrienavella)

When I entered high school, I was confronted by the harsh reality that real life differs from what’s portrayed on television. Sadly, within my first week, I came to terms with the surprising realization that parental supervision does still exist, brooding teenage vampires are few and far between, and most shocking of all, I had not conquered puberty overnight. Instead of rubbing elbows with ridiculously good-looking, six-pack sporting yet soulful and intelligent men, I found myself surrounding by braces, acne, cracking voices, and penis jokes. Needless to say, I was rather furious with my television networks.

To escape the disappointments and mundane nature of my own high school experience, I continued to watch, and to covet, the lives of the 20-something “high schoolers” broadcast by FOX, NBC and The CW (RIP, WB). I lived vicariously through these young, tortured “adolescents” as they strut, plotted, and partied their way across my television screen.

So, with two of my favorite former “high schoolers” married and another expecting a baby, I felt particularly nostalgic. For a trip down memory lane, here are my top 10 favorite TV high schools, feel free to add your own in the comments!

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