Reunited and It Feels so Good: TV Reunions That Need to Happen This Year

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I don’t know about you guys, but when I looooove TV BFF’s or an awesome movie couple, I want them to be together FOREVER, and that means even when the show goes off the air or the movie credits fade to black. Thankfully we can make those reunions happen…uh, kind of. Check out my suggestions of friends, foes, couples and ex’s for the TV Casting Gods to bring together. Can’t hurt to give them a little nudge, can it?

Garrett Hedlund and his Country Strong leading lady Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf has been juggling two guys so I’m sure she could handle one more. Especially if he can sing and play guitar. So dreamy!

Jamie Lynn Spears and her Zoey 101 costar Victoria Justice on Victorious. Don’t you think it’s time Zoey came out of early retirement and took a couple of classes at Hollywood Arts High?! Imagine the trouble these two could get into.

Hilary Duff with Bella Thorne and Zendaya on Shake It Up. How awesome would it be if Disney’s biggest stars collided? Lizzie McGuire could so shake it up Chicago style with CeCe and Rocky.

Adam Brody and his costar from The OC (and ex-GF) Rachel Bilson on Hart of Dixie. A little visit from Seth Cohen is exactly what the doctor ordered for Zoe Hart. And if he happens to bring his Spiderman mask, so be it!

Ashley Tisdale and her High School Musical bro Lucas Grabeel on Switched at Birth. Toby’s band could use a female lead singer. Might I suggest Sharpay? On one hand she’s a total spotlight hog, but on the other hand…just imagine how much fun would that be to watch!

David Henrie and his ex girlfriend Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars. This real life ex-couple could become a TV now couple. Maybe Justin Russo could put a spell on Aria to help her find A, or mix up a love potion for Emily?! So many witchy options.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his 500 Days of Summer obsession Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. Tom and Summer might not have lasted, but Jess is no summer. I could happily watch these two make folksy music together every week. Who am I kidding. Every day is probably much better.

Melissa McCarthy and her Gilmore Girls co-star Lauren Graham on Parenthood. Sarah Braverman could use a fast talking bestie like Sookie St. James in her life, and so could we!

Vanessa Marano with Laura Marano on Austin & Ally. Bay isn’t feeling that “sisterly” love towards Daphne on Switched at Birth. Maybe she will with Ally (her real life sis)?!

Which of these reunions are you dying to see? Any biggies that I forgot?! Share with me in the comments!

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