Valentine’s Day TV Couple Shuffle: Who Should Date Who In TV World

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and this TV fan, for one, loves watching those “very special episodes” where grand gestures are made, proposals are accepted and red dresses take center stage. We all have our favorite TV character couples: There’s the Pretty Little Liars student/teacher combo “Ezria,” Gossip Girl’s obsessed with “Chair,” and if you asked me to choose between The Vampire Diaries‘ “Delena” or “Stelena” I just couldn’t do it (and you can’t make me!).

So just for fun, I thought we’d mix it up this V-Day and imagine what characters from different shows we’d like to see couple up, if only for a day. This is gonna get good… or bad… depending on the presents exchanged and relationship status updates….

Jade from Victorious could give Puck from Glee a run for his money. The singing, the dancing, the attitude.

Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries with Jake from The Secret Circle. Now that’s a hot witchy couple. Fighting evil, doing spells — and that’s just on the first date…

Chuck from Gossip Girl with Naomi on 90210. Narcissism has met its match with these two! They will either kill each other or fall in love. Either one might be fun to watch.

Imagine Emily from PLL meeting Santana from Glee at a swim competition. Both ladies are competitive as hell. They may have more in common than we think.

Haley on Modern Family with Beck from Victorious. Haley’s future career is being the best professional rock star groupie she can be. She might as well get started now, ya know?

Jane from Jane By Design hires Liam from 90210 to model. Imagine the  great “meet cute” at the model fitting. Flirty banter, shirtless Liam, giggly Jane… shirtless Liam.

Wilke from Switched at Birth with Cassie from The Secret Circle. Okay, this one might be selfish. I just really miss these two on Life Unexpected!

What other characters should date characters on other shows? Which of the couples I named would be the best IRL? Tell me in the comments!

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