9 Times TV Besties Have Been Just Like You & Your BFF

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While some people look at romantic relationships on TV and wish they could emulate them in real like, let’s not discount TV BFFs! Yes, there are some AMAZING friend groups on TV right now, and believe it or not, there have been PLENTY of times all BFFs could relate to them

Whether it’s Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl or Jess and CeCe from New Girl, see eight times when TV BFFs were just like you and your bestie below!

1. When you have to dish out some much needed advice.


2. When you were at an emotional code red and needed to be in constant contact with them.


3. When you have to get real with them.


4. When you needed a reminder of how awesome you are.


5. When you were worried about FOMO.


6. When you needed a shoulder to cry on.


7. When you had a heated pop culture debate.


8. When they accepted you for who you TRULY are.


9. And let’s not forget, through all the ups and downs, you’re always there for each other…


Any of these TV besties remind you of you and your BFF? Share it with them!

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