10 Products You’ll Only Appreciate If You’re a Fan of 13 Reasons Why

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You can call us obsessed… and you’d be right. Ever since we wrapped up watching 13 Reasons Why, simply rewatching the Netflix original series isn’t enough (although, we’re actually in the process of that as we speak) — we’re thinking BIGGER. That’s what got us to talking about the fan theories surrounding the program, as well as where we are today.

There are a lot of awful products that were supposedly inspired by the Selena Gomez-produced show; some are simply distasteful, while others are vomit-worthy. (You have to remember — the show is about the 13 reasons why a teen girl named Hannah Baker killed herself.) BUT, for every disgusting piece of merchandise, which we plan on getting to at another point in time, there is a decent piece; some that we feel fans of 13 Reasons Why will actually appreciate: