13 Reasons Why You Should Be Proud of Your Small Boobs

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Even though girls with small boobs face their fair share of struggles on a daily basis, there are at least a dozen reasons why you should be proud of your flat chest:

1. Bring on the strapless bras. Yup, you can actually wear those without a problem.

2. Heck, go braless if you want. As long as you don’t mind a little nipple poke-age, they’re not going anywhere.

Tumblr (plumkat)

Tumblr (plumkat)

3. No sagging! Gravity doesn’t affect everyone the same way.

4. Along the same lines, no stretch marks! WIN.

5. “Ouch, my back!” Never will you have to utter those words… because of your breasts anyway. Who knows what will happen when you’re an old lady?

6. Posture perfect. Studies prove that people with smaller chests have better posture than those with larger ones.

WordPress (astoldbylaura)

WordPress (astoldbylaura)

7. There’s no need to hold your boobs when exercising. Let those puppies be free!

8. Working out, in general, is pain free in that particular region. As hot as Kate Upton is, this looks like it hurts:

9. You only need one, count ’em, ONE sports bra. Unlike the well-endowed women who are sometimes forced to double up.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

10. There’s nothing in your way when you pass out on your stomach. Or when you get a massage… or want to tan your back. You get it.

WordPress (cefait01)

WordPress (cefait01)

11. Button-down shirts aren’t constraining. They can be worn with ease.

12. Actually, you could pretty much get away with any top. It’s not like it can be deemed inappropriate for baring too much cleavage.

13. You know others are interested in you for your mind. And not your body.

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