The 10 Best Things About Living the #DormLife

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Never underestimate how much fun living on campus in a dorm can be. If you can do it, you have to. Of course, after a few semesters, you’ll probably be a little over it all. But before you become a jaded college senior (they’re simultaneously over everything about college and want to stay in college forever), you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these ten things about dorm life:

1. Living 30 seconds away from your closest friends. Say hello to never having to be alone and bored.

Hey Girlfriend

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2. Being able to nap between classes. When you live a 5-minute walk away from your classroom, no one can tell you what to do with you 30-minute break between classes.

3. Finally learning how to care for yourself. It’s important and empowering.

4. Decorating your room exactly how you want to. Put up as many Marilyn Monroe posters as you want to.

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5. When your neighbor cooks real food and shares with you. “YES, THANK YOU, FLOORMATE.”

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6. Being able to function in sweatpants at all times. Why should you get dressed to walk around campus when no one actually cares?

7. Actually going off-campus every once in a while. You never appreciate your neighboring town as much as you do when you’ve been trapped on-campus for way too long.

8. Student events. There are just so many events. And events always have two great things: free food and free T-shirts. Take all of both.

9. Not having to clean your own bathroom. This is absolutely no excuse to be a slob, but it’s still nice to know that it’s someone else’s job to whip out the bleach and toilet brush.

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10. Really getting to know your friends. They say that you don’t really know someone until you live with them. Well, here ya go.

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