10 Ways Having A Sibling (or Siblings) Beats Being An Only Child

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Having a sibling (or a bunch of siblings) is pretty awesome. Sure, only children get all of their parents’ attention and never have to worry about sharing their things. But having a growing-up partner makes up for all of that and then some!

So, when you start feeling bummed out (or really, really annoyed by) the fact that you’ve got siblings, allow these ten things to restore your sense of luckiness:

1. You always have someone to play with growing up. And someone to go out with when you’re older.

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2. You’ll always have a place to crash. It’s an unwritten rule that you can’t turn away your sibling when they ask to stay at your place “for a little while.”

3. You always have a scapegoat. “Mom, I swear, it wasn’t me!”

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4. No one understands you better than the person who grew up down the hall from you. Or, even better (sometimes worse, though) the person with whom you shared a room your whole life.

5. You can steal all of their clothes. Even if they wear a different size than you, you somehow make it work.

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6. They’re more forgiving than friends are. They have no choice but to love you because they’re stuck with you.

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7. They can tell you hilarious stories about when you were a baby that you can’t remember. And, if you’re older, you’ve got a ton of embarrassing stories that you can hold over your little sister and/or brother’s head whenever they annoy you.

8. They’re your eternal friend. It’s like if the BFFEAEAE were somehow extended even longer.

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9. Your future kid will have a potentially cool aunt or uncle. And cousins! Everyone loves cousins!

10. Growing up together has forced you to grow a thick skin. Because there are no worse insults than sibling insults. They hit you right where it hurts. Sometimes literally.

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