7 Reasons Why Having An Older Sister is the Best

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If you have older sisters, consider yourself gifted. We know, you didn’t exactly have a hand in that — the credit is all your parents’ and the Universe’s. But still, not everyone can say that they can relate to all of the best parts of having big sisters. And you can!

1. You can learn about weird body stuff from people who’ve been there. This is especially great if you feel super awk talking about this stuff with your mom.

2. You’ll never run out of period supplies. Because you can just steal your sisters’!

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3. You have lifetime shopping buddies. You may even get her to buy you stuff since she’ll probably have a job first.

4. You get stellar relationship and life advice. Yo, all the guys out there, we’re really happy for you and we’re gonna let you finish. But advice from girls is the best advice of all time. Of all time.

5. Two words: girls’ nights. Staying in and doing facials and manicures is never better than when your spa partners are just down the hall from you.

6. Your future bridal party is sorted. Friends or no friends, you’re good to go on the bridesmaids front.

7. You have permanent BFFs. S’wonderful.

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