The 9 Best Things About Having An Older Brother

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We’ve already talked about how much it suck at times to have an older brother. But don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten about all of the amazingness that comes along with having a big brother as well! Because, for every story about a bruise that he gave you and then made you hide from your parents, there’s a story about him being a little sweetheart.

So, to celebrate all of the stuff in that second group, here are the nine best things about being a little sis to a big bro:

1. Getting straight-up boy advice. He can tell when a guy just isn’t into you and he’ll tell you honestly.

2. He forced you to grow a thick skin. Can’t let your big brother catch you being too sensitive.

Oh Well

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3. You were never bored growing up. Little boys can always think of something wild to do.

4. He accidentally taught you about the exact guy you didn’t want to date. Anyone whose room was as messy as your brother’s was a firm “no.”

5. You could use him to threaten mean people. “If you don’t stop bothering me, I SWEAR I’ll call my brother.”

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6. You never got in trouble for stuff. You could just think about crying and he’d already be getting in trouble for being a jerk to you.


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7. Endless comfy sweaters to steal. Who needed a boyfriend when all of the big, cozy sweaters were in your house?!

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8. He put you in charge of screening his potential girlfriends. It was like being an American Idol judge. “It’s a no from me. You’re not going to Hollywood.”

9. You have someone to send this list to! He’ll smile sweetly, but he won’t tell you that he did.

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