The 10 Best Things About Having a BFF Who’s Just Like You

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There are two types of best friendships — those between two people who are opposite of one another, and those between two people who are exactly alike. Well, we guess the third would be those between groups of more than two people, but that’s another story for another day.

What we want to talk about right now are the very best parts of being BFFs with someone who is super similar to you. Like these ten, for example:

1. You don’t ever have to finish your own sentences. Because she’ll do it for you.

2. You really don’t even need to speak. You can just look at each other and your BFF will just know.


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3. You always agree with your BFF’s choice in guys. You would’ve totally made the same choices under different circumstances.

4. You never fight. Sure, you may annoy one another, but big fights are rare because you agree on most things.

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5. Choosing dinner, a movie or an activity is always a breeze. “You want to do this?” “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

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6. She always knows what to say to comfort you. It’s basically just what she’d want to hear. And it works every time!

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7. Getting fashion advice based on your shared sense of style. A friend’s opinion can only help so much when you have different ideas of what’s cute. But with a second opinion that’s not too different, but different enough, you’re golden.

8. There’s always someone to agree with you. True, sometimes we need to be called out on our nonsense. But it’s always nice to be backed up, as well.

9. Friendship came easily to you since the beginning. Even when you’d first met, you never had anxiety over what you would talk about when alone with your future-BFF because the conversation flowed so smoothly.

10. It’s like being born with a twin who you can leave when you feel annoyed. Otherwise known as “the ideal twin situation.”

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