The 10 Perks of Being the Youngest Child in Your Family

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Sometimes it sucks being the youngest child, but other times it’s #flawless. Because, while you have to deal with things like your older siblings forcing you to be their slave and beating you up occasionally, you also get tons of perks. Like these ten, which totally make up for the sibling abuse that you endure:

1. You never get blamed for stuff. No one thinks that the littlest kid is capable of doing anything naughty.

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2. You always have protection. Even if they beat you up when you were a kid, they were always protective of you when it came to other people.

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3. Your parents are already tired, so they’re super chill when raising you. Not that you could do whatever you wanted, but they weren’t nearly as strict or panicky.


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4. A few tears will get you far. Everyone pities “the baby.”

5. You get to learn from your older siblings’ mess-ups. Forget learning things the hard way.

6. If your older siblings were cool at school, then so were you. And if they weren’t, literally no one cared.

7. Shared closets! Whether you had sisters or brothers, you could always make their clothes work for you.

8. You didn’t have to endure the “birds and the bees” talk alone. You likely just got it as a group, so it was significantly less awkward.

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9. You learned early on how to be a gracious loser. Just because you were smaller than they were didn’t mean they’d take it easy on you during games. It almost meant the opposite.

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10. You got to hang out with their older friends. Which made you automatically cooler than everyone your age.

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