25 of the Biggest Reasons Why You Should Be Proud to Be Short

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Short girls get their share of flack on a daily basis. “What’s the weather like down there?” “Aww, I can use you as an arm rest!” Ha, so funny. NOT. If anything, the “jokes” are getting less and less original. And, guess what, the jokes are all on the non-short people because, while they may be able to reach the top shelf at the supermarket and see over everyone’s heads at a concert, we’ve got these 25 reasons to be proud of our small stature:

1. You’re always front and center… like Aria on PLL! Take a look at all of your old class pictures. Bet you can make out your entire outfit while your tall BFF is standing in the back with another person’s face covering her chin.

2. No one will ask if you could duck down or move out of the way at the movies. It’s not like you’d ever block anyone, so…

What Culture

What Culture

3. On occasion, people will feel bad for you and let you sit on their shoulders or stand in front of them at concerts. It pisses the people off behind them, but whatever, not your problem.

Campus Vinyl

Campus Vinyl

4. And if people don’t let you cut them, you still can slip through crowds pretty easily. It may result to crawling at times, but you do what you gotta do.

5. Stealth. Everything from football to Capture the Flag, you’re in.

Game Day R

Game Day R

6. Games, too. You’re a master at Hide-and-Seek and Limbo.

7. You have a low center of gravity. Which means gymnastics and jockeying are actual possibilities.

8. It’s like beds were made with you in mind. Never will you ever have to worry about scrunching up your legs during the night, there’s always extra space.

9. Speaking of legroom… airplanes can be a serious pain in the butt for people with long legs. We guess, anyway; it’s not like we really know based on experience.

10. Bumping your head is a rare event. You may hit it while picking up something underneath your desk if anything, but not, like, while simply entering a room.

11. Fitness is a given. It takes two strides to match your tall friends’ one. You may sweat a bit more, but at least you get a better workout.

12. You could fall asleep anywhere. No matter how small the space is, you make it work.

13. Crossing legs is effortless. Or even bunching ’em up in your chair at school/work.

14. Bask in your laziness! Sorry, Mom — someone else will have to help you reach things.



15. You’ll never have to worry about towering over your dates. ’cause it’s not possible.

16. Even when you wear heels, you still fit in among other humans. As opposed to your tall friends who look like giants when they wear ’em. Poor things.

17. There are not one, but TWO sections you can shop in: petites and…

Panda Whale

Panda Whale

18. …kids’. Plus it’s cheaper, so HA.

19. Nearly everything is work appropriate. It’s not like anyone can see up your mini-skirt.

20. Sure, you may have to hem your pants every so often. At least you have the option to hem; you can’t make pants that are too short any longer, so who really wins here?

21. Children LOVE you. Probably because they think you are a child, but whatever. Just call you The Baby Whisperer.

22. You’re always an innocent little dove. Own the not-guilty look.

23. FOREVER YOUNG. You may hate the fact that people think you’re 5+ years younger than you actually are now, but just wait ’til you hit your 40s and 50s.



24. Another reason to be proud: Daniel. Radcliffe.

25. Oh yeah, and we live longer. Google it.

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