15 of the Biggest Reasons Why You Should Be Happy You’re an Only Child

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Sure there are a bunch of problems kids without siblings have to deal with — but look how many wins there are for only children!

1. Imagination. With no one else around to play with, you had to find more creative ways to entertain yourself, thereby expanding your imagination more than those other kids.

2. A greater sense of independence. You don’t need anyone.

3. Social butterfly is your nickname. With no built-in best friends, you had to go out of your way to make pals — which is a good thing!

4. You’re comfortable talking to older people. Since you were constantly surrounded by adults over peers, you’re confident speaking with ’em. In fact, you probably found those your age to be far less mature than you.



5. Your parents are your best friends. Think Gilmore Girls‘ Lorelai and Rory-status.

6. No distractions! You can sit down and do your homework without having your annoying little sister disturbing you. Plus your parents had time to sit down with you — and only you — if you had any difficulties.

7. What’s that sound? NOTHING. Uninterrupted bath relaxation, actual time for book-reading, no arguments over dinner — that’s right, you soak up the peace and quiet.

8. Not forced to share with anyone. But you’re totally okay with sharing when other kids ask for your stuff because, hey, it’s not like you have to deal with it at home.

9. You have your own bedroom. Check out all the luxurious space! SO much room for activities!

10. There’s less of a strain on your parents’ wallets. Since they only have to save for one child to go to college, there’s more money to go around… to buy you things.

11. All clothes are your own. Sure you don’t have someone else’s closet to sift through, but you also don’t have anyone stealing your clothes either.

12. You don’t have to babysit. This really only applies to people with younger siblings, but “HAHA, have fun staying home watching the little one. I’ll be having fun outside.”

Tumblr (bellecs)

Tumblr (bellecs)

13. Learn responsibility. With no one around to blame but yourself, you learn the importance of taking responsibility for your actions at an early age.

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Tumblr (gifreactions)

14. No competition. “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” You’ll be hearing NONE OF THAT.

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Blogspot (takhte-sarah)

15. It’s all about you! Never will you ever have to beg for your parents’ attention, insisting:

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