11 of the Most Iconic Teen TV Wardrobes to Ever Exist

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We all remember our favorite TV shows by the most memorable characters and the most CAPSLOCK-worthy plots, but let’s be real: Aesthetics matter, and style can be one of the most lasting images in our heads of some of our favorite shows once we start forgetting specific episodes or fall out of love with the character that epitomized our moody boy obsession when we were twelve. You might not remember who kissed who first on Season 2, Episode 5, but you definitely remember those ugly bleached tips that so and so rocked like a champ.

For better or for worse, teen TV shows can be the biggest indicator of the type of fashion that defined a given era; like Lizzie McGuire‘s ultimate early ’00s fashion, or the ’90s style of My So-Called Life. This post is dedicated to 11 teen TV shows with the most iconic wardrobes. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some style inspo from a few of them:

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