7 Teen TV Shows from Other Countries You Need to Watch

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If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll already know that, according to people whose job it is to tell you these things, we are in a peak era of television. There’s Atlanta. There’s Veep. There’s Westworld. That this golden era exists is not up for debate — there are literally, not figuratively, so many critically-acclaimed shows on the air right now that it is impossible to watch all of them without sacrificing roughly 50% of your week and 100% of your social life to do so — but there is a discussion about when, exactly, it started. Was it 1999, with The Sopranos? 2002, with The Wire? 2007, with Mad Men?

At the time of publication, nobody has asked me what my opinion is on this matter. But, if someone were to ask, I’d say that the golden era of TV actually started in 2003 — not with Arrested Development, as some might expect, but with The OC, the iconic Southern California-set teen drama that influenced most of the teen dramas that would follow it. Basically, while commonly-accepted prestige shows like Breaking Bad and Black Mirror are fine and all, teen dramas are where it always has been and always will be for me.

If you live in the United States, there are a bunch of great teen TV shows from your proverbial backyard — Riverdale, Teen Wolf, the first three seasons of Pretty Little Liars — for you to choose from. But why limit yourself? There are tons of equally great teen shows from other countries to watch that, if nothing else, will help you gain some cool points for knowing about them before they get adapted for American TV. So, check out these teen TV shows from other countries that you should check out:

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