17 of the All-Time Best Bromances on Teen TV Shows

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Don’t get us wrong, we love a good romance. Whether we’re reading about Bella and Edward’s first kiss in Twilight, or watching it (slowly) happen on the big screen, there’s nothing better than fictional characters making romance real. But steamy scenes like that are nothing without chemistry. Who would want to watch a relationship between a vampire and a human play out if their banter was nonexistent and each kiss was just awkward AF?

No one — and it’s moments like that when friendships steal the show instead. For example, we don’t think anyone will argue with us when we say Blair and Serena were always WAY more iconic and fun to watch together than with any of their boyfriends Gossip Girl. Even when their characters were on the outs with each other, these actresses just worked well when they shared the screen.

And the same goes for bromances. Sometimes — okay, like 99% of the time — we care ten times more about the bond between guy friends than we do anything else in the plot. More often than not, those are our fave scenes to skip to and rewatch in teen television shows. No wonder these BFF pairs have been stuck in our heads for so long. Did your fave make the cut?