21 Taylor Swift Songs That Are Better Than “22”

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I won’t even lie, you guys, I’ve become a hardcore Swiftie over the years. I’ve got the sparkly guitar and the will to completely crush my ex’s ego. Now all I’m missing is the blonde hair extensions and the svelte shape of a giraffe. But for real, I wanna know Taylor Swift‘s secrets… like ALL of them. Any woman able to nab as many men as her (real nabbing or otherwise) is one to be watched and emulated.

When she isn’t tied up with blackmailing Meredith or Selena Gomez into making videos, I like to imagine Taylor doing really regular stuff like sleeping or taking a bus or reading books having absolutely nothing to do with clever ways to emasculate an ex-boyfriend. No matter our differences, though, Taylor and I will always have this one single thing in common: We’re both going to be single for a very long time if we don’t stop stalking the boy next door. So in the spirit of trying to cope with the uncopeable, here are 21 Swift songs to make a life of solidarity seem a little less pathetic:

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