10 Exciting TV Shows You’ll Love If You Like Suspense

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There’s something comforting about curling up with a blanket and binge watching a show that makes you laugh, especially if you’ve had a pretty crappy day. But let’s be real, we can fawn over those shows as much as we want, but they’re not necessarily the type of show we can’t wait to see from week to week, or the type of show we want to live tweet, or the type of show that we can entire GIF folders dedicated to for precise use during those live tweeting sessions. It’s drama that hooks us and, ultimately, makes us CAPS LOCK in fear, frustration and sometimes joy. And since TV dramas are just getting better and better, it’s natural to have a few shows in rotation that leave your heart pounding.

Stressful shows aren’t for everyone; sometimes the intrigue is just doing too much, and 45 minutes of pure anxiety might not be your idea of fun. I’ll admit, even I have to take a break from some shows like this sometimes. But usually? It’s the intensity, stress, and stellar characterization that leads to binge watching a show until 3am and then bullying all of my friends to watch the show, too. I mean, there’s a reason why shows like The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars get everyone so worked up from week after week. So, if you’re into shows that leave you squirming in your seat and yelling, “NO! STOP! NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” way too much, then it’s time that you watch one of these 10 exciting TV shows you’ll love if you like suspense that are absolutely killer. It’s time for some new shows to have a nervous breakdown over.

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