10 YouTube Channels to Watch if You’re Obsessed with Making Slime

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YouTube is a wonderful, strange place. The video-streaming website has just about anything you could ever imagine. Vlogs? Check. Tutorials? Check. Reviews? Check. But beyond the run-of-the-mill videos, YT has some weird AF sub-sectors. Lately, ASMR has been all the rage. The whisper videos are, uh, strange to say the least, but they’re also super relaxing! In addition to ASMR, another unique category that’s been popping up everywhere is — drumroll, please!! — SLIME!

It’s unclear who started the viral-video trend, but now there are hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTube channels and Instagram accounts dedicated to the gooey stuff. And if you’ve seen a slime video before, you know why! Watching slime being made and played with is oddly satisfying, and it’s so hypnotizing that it’s easy to get stuck watching for hours. If you’re like us and are addicted to watching (and making) slime, click through the gallery to see the 10 best YouTube channels you MUST subscribe to ASAP.