16 of the Most Savage Senior Pranks of 2016

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A good senior prank is hard to pull off. It has to strike the perfect balance between outrageous and manageable. It has to be original enough so that you can mobilize enough people, but not so original that nobody understands what’s going on. It has to get you noticed, ideally by many people on the Internet who don’t actually know you or your school. It can’t get you arrested. It’s a hard balance!

My senior class did not do a prank. Or, rather, we tried to do a senior prank, but the best thing that anyone could come up with was starting a flash mob during our convocation ceremony, which a teacher found out about. She let us proceed with the plan (she felt bad for us, probably, for our inability to come up with anything better), but only if she could pick a more school-appropriate song, and chose “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. So, our senior prank ended up being a half-hearted, administrator-approved flash mob. To Adele. It was mortifying. But it seems that a lot of people from the class of 2016 definitely did not have that problem — there are a bunch of senior pranks from around the web that are pretty amazing. So, check out the best senior pranks from this year:

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