The 10 Best Scott & Stiles Moments Before the Series Finale of Teen Wolf

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It’s actually happening. After almost a year of denial, the Teen Wolf series finale is this Sunday and, honestly, we’re not taking it very well. It feels like just last month we got the horrible news that the series was coming to an end, and yet it feels like it’s been a long time coming.

We have spent the past six(!!!) years becoming more obsessed with Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, and the rest of the gang at Beacon Hills High School. We’ve seen Scott McCall go from insecure baby werewolf to a strong Alpha who will do literally anything to protect the people he loves most, and even a few enemies here and there. The pack has become a staple in pop culture and the feeling of finality is starting to appear as we inch closer and closer to the finale.

It’s going to be extremely strange going into the final episode knowing that whatever happens is the end; there’s no more next episode to get excited about and (hopefully) no more cliffhangers. When Sunday night comes, it’s over. Like, really over.

We have been with Teen Wolf every step of the way. We celebrated the highly-anticipated Stydia kiss, were distraught over Arden Cho leaving the show and were in total shock and when Jackson & Ethan returned… as a couple!

While the cast members may already have a ton of movies and shows lined up post-Teen Wolf, we’re going to hold on to the MTV drama as long as possible. As much as the series has impacted us, it has changed the lives of the cast significantly. We got super emotional over Dylan’s interview about the show ending and completely lost it when TW creator Jeff Davis said that Sciles was the ~real~ romance.

It’s only right that we give one of our favorite series a proper send-off by counting down the all-time BEST Scott and Stiles moments. We may or may not have teared up while writing this, so grab a tissue and get ready to go down memory lane of one of the best TV friendships to ever exist: