Our Favorite Back-to-School Charities

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School is officially back in session and there’s no better way to kick off the new year than to donate school supplies or a few dollars to a charity that supports education for everyone!

Staples for Students is one of the easiest ways you can help out. All you have to do is pick up some extra notebooks, pens, and pencils when you do your back-to-school shopping and you can drop the supplies off inside any Staples store. An even easier way to help is to share a message on your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr page and $1 will be donated to the cause! Just visit StaplesforStudents.org to share. And don’t forget to like them on Facebook! Oh, and we went behind-the-scenes with Bella Thorne when she shot her PSA for the Staples for Students program, so make sure to watch the video:

And on that note, check out four other charities that we are absolutely obsessed with!

1. Pencils of Promise
Education isn’t only important in the US, but all over the world. Justin Bieber is known for being a big advocate and partner with the Pencils of Promise program, which raises money and builds schools all around the world. Go to Pencilsofpromise.org for more info about how to donate.

2. Donors Choose
Kind of like the kick-starter for school charities, teachers can come to DonorsChoose.org to write a description and the amount of money they will need for the project and people can choose which classrooms they want to help. Oprah, Stephen Colbert, Michelle Obama and Zac Efron have been helping out this charity for a couple years now!


3. Teach for America
Teach for America is one of the best education programs out there. Donating and investing in teachers, possibly the most important people in the world, is one of the best ways to give back. You can donate, invest in a specific teacher and, if you’re super ambitious, you can join one of their campaigns and help to raise money! Teach for America is a nationwide program that helps children living in poverty get the best education they possibly can.

4. Boys and Girls Club of America
Boys and Girls Club of America has teamed up with Disney, JCPenney, Dell and more companies to help give kids the school supplies they need. When you head to the Tools for Back to School website, you can take a quiz that will automatically donate supplies with each question you get right!

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