From Our BFFS: Watch All of 2011’s Best Pop Songs in Only 5 Minutes!

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From Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass” to Katy Perry‘s “Last Friday Night,” we’ve got all of 2011’s top pop songs in one vid. And. It. Is. Awesome! [HuffPost High School]

Chris Brown is giving fans “Another Round” of music. Whatever that means… [Hollywire]

Who are Rebecca Black, Megan & Liz and Christina Grimmie? Only the Best YouTube Stars of 2011! Duh. [J-14]

We’re so looking forward to January 17, 2012. Why? Cause Abduction‘s coming to DVD and that only means one thing. Taylor Lautner on our tubes 24/7! [Cambio]

Dianna Agron leaving Glee to become a hunter?! Eh, not exactly. [Just Jared]

We’re so excited for the return of Pretty Little Liars, we’re counting down…only 6 more days! [Wetpaint]

Speaking of PLL, is it ever okay to pull an Aria and Ezra?! Ya know, the way they hooked up when they first met. [gURL]

In need of some outfit ideas for New Year’s Eve? Just look to Ashley Tisdale for some style inspiration. [Posh24]


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