The 7 Pros of Waking Up Early for School (’cause, Yes, They Exist)

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I Don't Want To Get Up

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We know that one of the worst parts of school being back in sesh is the fact that you’ve got to start waking up super early again. If you’re not a morning person, then this may seem like a MAJOR blow. But it isn’t that bad. Actually, it’s pretty great… for the most part. Weird, we know. Just hear us out.

Here are the eight pros of having to wake up really early for school. If, by the end, you’re still not convinced, you have our full permission to sleep in an extra 10 minutes tomorrow morning.

1. Your day is instantly longer. Which is a little reminiscent of summertime, no?


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2. You might catch a sunrise. That’s if you happen to be lucky (or is it unlucky?) enough.

3. Awesome breakfasts happen early. Late risers have to manage on a piece of jacked up toast, but, the earlier you wake up, the more time you have for breakfast.

4. You can finish up your homework. Like a boss.

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5. You can hear birds chirping. They phone it in at some point in the late morning, which is unfortch because NATURE.

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6. You don’t have to listen to your mom complain about you “laying in bed all day.” Moms love to do that.

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7. Your responsibilities end earlier. School is only but so long — the earlier you start it, the earlier you’ll be able to end it.

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