Best of 2011: The Best Newcomers Who Rocked Our World This Year!

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Every year we have high hopes for our favorite rising stars. Just a few years ago, someone like Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez would have made a list just like this. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t (Sorry Matt Barr, we miss you!), but we’d like to say we were pretty dead on last year. Case in point: Almost everyone on our list of Best Newcomers 2010 is super fame now (Bruno Mars, Lucy Hale, Nicki Minaj and Andrew Garfield…just to name a few).

Tell anyone over the age of 25 21 19 the names on this list for 2011 and they’ll probably shake their head and say I’m not really sure who that is. But we know that you know that we know this time next year even your mom will know the peeps right here. So without any further adieu, our 11 Best Newcomers of ’11!

Best Newcomers 2011, Jessie J

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Jessie J: Forget about the price tag. We’d pay a million bucks to keep Jessie J’s fierce style and funky-pop-we-can’t-get-out-of-our-heads songs around for another year! You?


Zendaya Coleman: She’s been shakin’ it up with bestie Bella Thorne (who made last year’s list!) on the Disney Channel for a little over a year, but with the announcement of a huge new movie, Frenemies, plus plans for a music career, we just know 2012 will be Z’s year to shine!


Drew Van Acker: Holy abs. And underwear modeling. As if the guys of Rosewood weren’t hot enough, Jason DiLaurentis (AKA Alison’s brother) just had to return to town and scorch things up on Pretty Little Liars by constantly shoveling and playing basketball without his shirt on. And we don’t mind one bit.

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Ariana Grande: Even though we’ve spelled her name Arianna (the wrong way!) 100 times, we’ve now heard and seen enough of this Victorious cast member to know that her star is going to shine bright next year. Espesh because she’s got a solo music career that’s just on the verge of breaking. Huge.

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