10 Times Hollywood Didn’t Mess Up When They Made A Musical Into a Movie

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Tumblr (cuntinu4tion)

Tumblr (cuntinu4tion)

I love musicals. I can’t act, sing or dance, but man, can I appreciate them. There’s just something about following an ridiculously impossible storyline perfectly set to music that draws me in. I’ve even reserved one of my magic genie wishes to turn my life into a musical (the others are for Harry Potter to be real and for me to be Harry Potter).

Though I love physically seeing musicals, sometimes it’s really expensive or inconvenient to see them live – but luckily the big wigs over in Hollywood understood my dilemma and adapted them into movies! Here are ten of my favorite musicals that were adapted for the big screen. There are many others that deserve proper recognition, too, of course, so put your own suggestions in the comments. (Just try not to be too hard on me for loving Mamma Mia!, por favor.)

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