The 12 Best Modern Movies Set in the 1960s

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Blogspot (itz-giological)

Blogspot (itz-giological)

If a movie comes out that’s set in the 1960s, odds are very high I’ll go see it. Even if the story sucks, I’ll be entertained by the sets and the fashion and the hairstyles. That’s why I started watching and obsessing over Mad Men. Sure, I also happen to be invested in the story and the characters, and I think it’s brilliantly written, but a huge part of my attention during any given episode is devoted to looking at things.

The show’s returning to AMC this Sunday at 10pm for its seventh and final season. So in honor of a series that might as well be called That ’60s Show, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the best modern movies also set in that decade. And by modern, I mean from the 21st century. As much as we love our cell phones and our tablets and our hovercrafts (those exist now, right?), we also can’t resist pining over the way it was fifty years ago… and then going right back to texting because, OMG, how could you live without it?

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