The 10 Hottest Makeout Sessions in 2015’s Biggest Movies

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2015 was not a year of movies to watch with the ‘rents. Like, imagine watching Fifty Shades of Grey with Mom and Dad around! (If you actually experienced that, please call a a trauma hotline immediately.) Yup, things got pretty steamy in the movie theaters this year, and we are not complaining. Any movie with a Dylan O’Brien makeout scene gets five stars and an A+++.

There was extra anticipation for the movie makeouts that we first read about in our fave YA books, like the ones in Paper Towns and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2. Others took us by surprise, like the somewhat sexy kissing scene in The DUFF. We’ve rounded them all up so you don’t have to. Try not to re-watch too many times ’cause then it’ll set up unrealistic expectations IRL.

1. Katniss & Peeta in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 — Shout out, obviously, to Finnick and Annie for their beautiful wedding kiss. Adorable. But Katniss and Peeta are all we actually care about and, therefore, all attention needs to be firmly redirected to #TeamPeenis. Since the film’s still in theaters, you’ll have to settle for this slowed-down kiss snippet from the trailer:

2. Thomas & Brenda –> Thomas & Teresa in Maze Runner: The Scorch TrialsDISCLAIMER: You will want to re-watch this clip a hundred thousand times. First, he’s kissing Brenda, then he hallucinates smooching Teresa. Considering all the girls who sang the praises of Dylan O’Brien‘s tongue ~*sKiLLs*~, this must’ve been H-O-T:

3. Q & Margo in Paper TownsCara Delevingne is no stranger to makeout sessions. She’s gone full-on PDA with Miley Cyrus, Michelle Rodriguez, current GF St. Vincent… the girl is a kissing queen. As Margo, she put her finely-tuned skills to use on Nat Wolff‘s Q in the book-to-screen adaption.

4. Tris & Four in The Divergent Series: Insurgent — Four and Tris never disappoint. They were super hot in Divergent, and things only got sexier in the sequel. Something about Shailene Woodley‘s cropped haircut (plus, you know, the nakedness) makes it feel more edgy and rough.

5. Ana & Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey — So, there’s a lot to work with here. Kissing is probably the most PG-rated activity in this salacious flick. But despite the countless sex scenes in the infamous “Red Room,” the most standout Ana-Christian makeout of Fifty Shades takes place in a seemingly innocent place: an elevator.

6. Emily & Benji in Pitch Perfect 2 — A surefire way to make a first kiss memorable: conclude it by dragging magic bandanas out of your mouth. Lucky for Benji, Emily finds the goofy performance endearing. In a real-life scenario, the romance would 1000% die instantaneously.

7. Owen & Claire in Jurassic World — What’s the point of an insane action-adventure story without a climactic kiss tossed in? Although Jurassic World is definitely no rom-com, our hero, Owen (Chris Pratt), still manages to get lucky both in the middle of a pteranodon attack and before the credits roll.

8. Cinderella & Prince Kit, Cinderella — Finally, a real love story. Cinderella is magical from beginning to end, and that final kiss with Kit is the ultimate princess fantasy. Also, extra points for nailing the high bun.

9. Bianca & Wes, The DUFF — This one’s a mashup because there are multiple perfect kisses between Wes and Bianca. The progression from their awkward, unexpected first kiss to their passionate makeout sesh at the Homecoming dance is #highschoolrelationshipgoals. Ugh.

10. Sophia & Luke, The Longest Ride — Like, it’s Nicholas Sparks, so we expected nothing less than flawlessness from Luke (Scott Eastwood and Sophia (Britt Robertson). They provided it. 10/10.

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