Jersey Shore Recap: The Top 5 OMG Moments From Last Night’s Premiere

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The Jersey Shore crew is back where they belong — Seaside Heights — and, if last night’s episode is like the rest of the season’s episodes, um, yeah, we’re definitely tuning in. Every freakin’ week. So excited.

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So what sort of drama and hilarity ensued on last night’s ep? Click on for our recap of the 5 most OMG (and LOL-worthy) moments!

5. Ronnie and Sammi get off to a really bad start with the rest of the roommates when they picked the best room in the house — with three beds. Who was the lucky roomie who had to share a room with the two lovebirds? The Situation. Poor guy.
4. Speaking of Sammi, Ms. Sweetheart was anything but to the new roomie, Deena, being really cold to her and not at all friendly. Which only led to…
3. A fight between Deena and Sammi. And then Snooki joined in. And when you mess with Snooki, you mess with JWoww. It was the three girls against Sammi, which we’re pretty sure is how it’s gonna be all season.
2. Vinny, Snooki and Deena hung out in the hot tub, but Snooks got upset when Deena was trying to hook up with Vin Vin. And then she got more upset when he rejected them both. Burn. And after all the hot-tubbing fun,
1. Newbie Deena proved she’s not at all shy, stripping down for the Situation and showing him her “nana”. Haha.

Did you like the first episode? Will you watch the rest of the season? Whose side are you on, Deena and Snooki’s or Sammi and Ronnie’s? Share below!