19 Miley Cyrus Songs You’ll Adore More Than “We Can’t Stop”

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Guys, I have a question: Do we like new Miley Cyrus or should we still be longing for the girl who couldn’t be tamed? It’s a drawn out question, yeah, but I really wanna know what you guys think. Because sometimes I think she’s changed for the not-so-good. My friends are all like, “Get over it, Paris!” but I’m still in my feelings about the image she’s created for herself these last couple years. First it was that arguably disastrous haircut, her break-up from ovary-exploder Liam Hemsworth (which I’m sure is considered a crime somewhere) and then her un-Disney-like performance at last year’s VMAs spawned a series of unforgettable chicken-butt nightmares worldwide. Okay, I quit.

No matter how I might feel about her track record of publicity stunts to remind us she’s no longer Billy Ray‘s lil’ buttercup, one thing’s for sure though: The girl’s never been too bad at making okay-to-really okay music. This is coming from a guy who doesn’t mind taking a few slushies to the face (preferably zero calorie) for loving the Miles and having “Breakaway” on his iPod. Even though we’ve been through the good, the bad and the ugly peacock-suit, I’ll always be a ride-or-die Smiler. So here are 19 Miley songs you may or may not be able to twerk to:

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