The 25 Best Memes of 2015 You Need to Relive Right Now

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There are so many things I love about the Internet that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I mean, how can you seriously hate a place where people can simultaneously unite over their fear of trusting someone and also all laugh at something as utterly ridiculous as news channel mixups? I love how social media can bring people together, even it’s just for 30 seconds of laughing. This is exactly why memes are one of my favorite Internet things EVER.

To be honest with you guys, I couldn’t even give you the exact definition of a meme. If someone asked me to describe what it was, I would say it’s a funny photo, person, thing, etc. that became popular on the Internet and will now live on forever in any applicable situation, which really is not a helpful explanation at all. Let’s just say it’s something funny online that usually makes almost no sense, and brings out the weird humor in all of us.

We’re presented with shiny new memes every single year, whether they’re based on pop culture events like music videos or performances, a ridiculous news story we can’t believe is real or… just something that came out of literally nowhere. 2015 was a very special year for memes, you guys. It’s difficult to compete with some of these gems below. Just in case you forgot how the Internet #blessed us these last 12 months, here are the 25 best memes of 2015:

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