16 of the Funniest Memes That Made the Past Year Way More Bearable

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Not gonna lie, 2016 was a pretty s*itty year…and it’s not even over yet! But while we had to deal with things like Camila Cabello quitting Fifth Harmony, a proven racist getting elected president and Christina Grimmie being murdered, something good DID come out of 2016 — amazing memes!!!

1. I’m You, But Stronger — This bad boy graced the Internet at the beginning of the year and became a great way to compare some of our faves without being too savage.

2. 13 Year Olds Now vs. Me at 13 — Still. Not. Over. This.

3. Blurry Mr. Krabs — This was one of the many SpongeBob SquarePants-inspired memes to take over in 2016 and while they usually say people save the best for last, it’s definitely one of the most iconic.

4. Petty Skai Jackson — Skai went from being a teenage Disney Channel star to a viral online sensation in a matter of minutes, all because she took one ~casual~ picture in a blue dress.

5. Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both — Proof that a girl doesn’t need to be one certain thing in order to be seen as ‘desirable’ is always a positive in our book.

6. Caveman SpongeBob — Whether you deal with anxiety on the regular or not, Caveman SpongeBob is definitely relatable to everyone.

7. Arthur’s Fist — A classic.


9. Michael Phelps Face Sure, watching Team USA dominate at the 2016 Rio Olympics was fun and all, but nothing compared to seeing people freak the eff out over Michael Phelps looking like Darth freakin’ Vader before one of his meets.

10. Smiling Usain Bolt And this was a highlight, too.

11. Name a More Iconic Duo Still waiting…

12. Funny Joe Biden Everything about this year’s election was the literal worst…except for the Joe Biden memes that followed.

13. Evil Kermit the Frog — Every now and then a meme comes around that you just relate to on a spiritual level, and this one definitely takes the cake for 2016.

14. Evil Miss Piggy — NGL, this one is a close second.

15. Me at the Beginning of 2016 vs. Me at the End of 2016 ACCURATE!!



16. Honey Bun Baby — How freakin’ cute is this kid?! We can’t handle it.

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