The 21 Best Memes of 2017 That Will Still Make You Laugh to This Day

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We’re pretty sure we can all agree by now that the Internet is a very magical place. Of course, there’s the fact that you can find extensive information on literally any topic, but most importantly, it’s given us access to what has become one of the most important pillars of our generation: MEMES.

That’s right! In a world where millennials spend most of their time crying over the demise of American politics and how they’re going to pay off their college debt, they have somehow managed to find relief in relatable viral images that miraculously make them laugh instead of cry. For thousands of years to come our descendants will have us to thank for all of their, quote-on-quote, dank memes.

That being said, each year it becomes more and more challenging to top the viral images that hit the Internet the year before. Think about 2016, for example! Not only were we instantly drawn to “Damn Daniel,” and Internet sensation/political activist/red sweater model Ken Bone, but we also were gifted with an image of Arthur’s clenched fist, which pretty much sums up the way we all feel when somebody ticks us off. Let’s be real, we so needed that.

Moving forward into 2017, we were met with uncertainty over just how we would surpass all of the meme success we experienced the year before. If you think about it, it was somewhat of an impossible feat. On top of “Damn Daniel,” Ken Bone, and Arthur’s clenched fist, we also had Harambe, DJ Khaled, and of course, Evil Kermit! However, now that we’re approaching the end of the year, it certainly seems like we’ve accepted the challenge and once again delivered memes that are to be cherished and enjoyed long into the future. Alas, here’s our list of the best memes of 2017:


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