9 of the ~Best~ Kim Kardashian Movie & Television Cameos of All Time

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In 2016 alone, Kim Kardashian reportedly made a whopping $51 million from all her TV appearances, businesses and endorsement deals. But before the makeup kits, selfies, fashion empire and that feud, Kim K was doing pretty much everything to get her name out there. There were workout DVDs and even a few attempted appearances on The Hills, but our favorite thing is how many cameos Kim made from 2008-2013.

Whether she was cast as herself, taking digs at her wannabe celebrity status, or surprising audiences on live TV, Kim definitely has done it all. We think it’s amazing to see how far the A-list celebrity has come since her days as Paris Hilton‘s assistant. We rounded up some of the best (and most cringe-worthy) cameos that Kim has done: