17 Times High School Musical‘s Troy & Gabriella Gave You #RelationshipGoals

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Disney Channel

Disney Channel

Like most sound-minded people, I remain floored in righteous indignation whenever I think about the fact that High School Musical didn’t win the 2006 Academy Award for Best Picture. I mean, this movie has everything — song, dance and the sheer joy that one gets from simply looking at Ryan Evans’ multiple hats. What more could you want?

It pains me to admit that I did not always feel this way, however. At the time of the classic film’s release, I was a sardonic, ironic, sarcastic seventh grader with an attitude. Thus, I did not understand (or, rather, I chose not to understand) the pure gift that was High School Musical — the drama, the intrigue — and, thus, I eschewed the musical in front of my peers, saying that the music “wasn’t that catchy,” or that Zac Efron “wasn’t even that cute.” (I know. I hate me too.)

As penance for this dark, dark time in my past, I have decided to write about the most perfect imaginary couple that arose from the film, Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. Let’s put our collective “heads in the game,” if you will, and carefully peruse the 17 times they gave each and every one of us undeniable relationship goals:

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